FreeCross - the full body ride experience

< FreeCross is an outdoor elliptical bike, that brings the most popular gym machine of the world into the fresh air. With FreeCross a cutting-edge technology was transformed into a high-quality and award-winning product, that distinguishes itself by its excellent processing and many advantages compared to other gym- & transportation possibilites. Equipped with a shiftless NuVinci N360 gearbox & its special all-terrain ultra light weight AB7020 aluminium frame - hand-built in Germany - the FreeCross adapts effortlessly to any terrain. The patented steering-damper-technology allows active „street-carving“ whereas its hydraulic disc brakes (TEKTRO) anterior & the Shimano braking system posterior guarantee the neccessary safety on the streets - examined by Velotech and awarded with the German GS tested safety mark. When working out with FreeCross you burn up to 1000 kcal/h - with physiological use of all body muscles: Arms, shoulders, chest, abdomen, dorsum, legs & buttocks. Due to elliptical movement in upright posture you protect your joints and encourage an axial stress of the spine. With the help of different spectra of intensity you encourage directly the cardiovascular system and help your body to long lasting fitness & health. FreeCross - the full body ride experience